Quotations -English

When you hurt someone ,when you Hate some one , or when you deceive some one .....at the end of the time 
that person give a message to you . 
-If the human understand Self deception self betrayal a conflict decisions 
but human can't "
-Cheating is the inversely proportional to individual capability because 
people can't help  

-If you are late , You can't take class in time , So leave the class , 
But don't loose your reputation  

-At that time ,At that place , At that moment , we are all friends But 
no Body knows after 4 year .

-Don't tell me.. who u r ? Not important for me ... 
But you have the Knowledge of mine that the fact . 
-In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past,
bridge to our future.

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