Coke Studio – Tajdar-e-Haram By Atif Aslam



‘Tajdar-i-Haram’ has been etched in histories memory as a qawwali that’s resonated through the world – encapsulating the love for the Prophet. It appears on Coke Studio in an intoxicating performance by Atif Aslam that grips the audience with the lingering sound of the Tabla played by Babar Ali Khanna and with the dominating rhythm provided by Arsalan Rabbani on the Harmonium. Singing in Urdu, Persian and Arabic – Atif Aslam and the ‘Humnawa’ perform a soul-fuelled rendition of a classic keeping the genre as organic as it once used to be; and yet creating an almost hypnotic trance that will engulf the listener by its sheer magnitude.




 Year of Release: 2015
Music: Strings



The best just got better, cheers team Coke studio,been listening to your stuff since season 1,in every new season there,s originality and diversity coupled with awesomeness… Nd i gotta say Atif’s performance in every new season has improved… Makes me proud that u represent our culture and values with your music…proud to be a Pakistani and proud of u Coke Studio Pakistan… Thumbs up,keep doing the great work,nation,s proud of you..

Artist: Atif Aslam – عاطف اسلم
Title: Taajdaar-i Haram – تاجدارِ حرم – King of the Holy Sanctuary
Language: Urdu, Braj, Persian, Arabic



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