Nabeel Shaukat Ali – Bewajah


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Artist: Nabeel Shaukat Ali – نبیل شوکت علی
Title: Be-wajah – بے وجہ – For No Reason
Language: Urdu
Coke Studio Season 8, Episode 1

Guest Musician Sajid Ali (Flute)
Houseband Complete
Backing Vocalist Yes
String Section Yes

Bewajha is one of my favorite song ..this song is really amazing , and the words of that song is exactly saying my words , my feelings  ,my emotions , this song Compassionate on me ….

‘Bewajah’ hovers in the space between lovers coming together and breaking apart. It’s a narrative penned by Babar Hashmi, performed by Nabeel Shaukat Ali. The song’s story is the universal quandary of lovers trying to forget the one they loved in an age-old pain of heartbreak that romance is coupled with. As Nabeel sings in his subtle and effortless style, the overtones of Sajid Ali’s flute provide a change of tempo that alters between eastern classical melodies whilst complimenting the pop-rock atmosphere created by the guitars and the bass.

Produced by: Strings


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O pain of parting, don’t torment me for no reason

Why have you become a reason for no reason?

O time, tell my heart to be wise and stop this madness

It is intent on being faithful for no reason

I have already forgotten her

O heart, don’t complicate the matter for no reason

O pain of parting, don’t torment me for no reason

I had not meant to even mention your name

Your mention came up somehow for no reason

There is no reason to meet with her

Why do you search for reasons for no reason?




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