Good Web Developer

Welcome! So, you are here to become a good web developer. That’s great I am gonna show you “How to kick start your web development learning process” and also “How professional developer do their work”. Let’s start with web programming languages

Obviously, you need to learn the web programming languages. I added a coggle maps below you can figure out what you want to lean, and what order you want to learn. there is two kind of Developers one kind people are working on How the website looks, they are “FRONT-END DEVELOPERS”. And second kind of people are working on How the website work, they are “BACK-END DEVELOPERS”.

To zoom-in and out. Scroll your mouse wheel with holding control.

To speed up your learning process, I added some resources links end of this article. Don’t forget to check-out those

UX (User Experience)

The next impotent skill is UX(User Experience). What is UX(User Experience)? UX mean “Make your website user friendly”. “Hmm, Ok what I need to do for that?”, you can achieve this by making your site responsive and also content is can viewable in multiple devices, for example in mobile device make your font little bit more bigger and break out your layout to single columns. You can achieve these kind of things via “CSS” the importent things to learn to become a good front-end developer. And also is best practice to make your website consistently small size, when you decided to deploy your site make a copy of your website project then compress all of your code after that put it in server. This will make your webpage load faster.

Idea- Website

Website Sketch

Before you start your website development task, you need to sketch out your website. “What does it mean?”, nothing but it’s a skeleton of your webpage. There is several programs to sketch out website in your computer, some of them are free and some of them a comercial. But I will not force you to use those if you want to know more about them see the end of this article. pen and paper enough to sketch out your webpage. Take a look at this video to know more about making low fidelity mock-up.

I am not a Back-End Developer I can’t talk about that. But I am pretty sure if you are front-end developer or back-end developer you have to be updated with every new technologies.

If you are student you have a lot’s of tools for free to use. check out GitHub Student Pack

















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