In the end – Linking Park

The song is a great example of dynamics as it breathes volume-wise with every section. It goes from a quiet intro to a louder verse to a huge chorus, down in the verse, etc. It’s very effective

Link :

It makes me feel like WOW .The tune,  I love this song. The lyrics are awesome and have a great meaning. ……everything’s perfect Chester at his best ,It soothes the soul . Just once I hear… I can’t stop playing it again and again .Best song of Linkin Park

It’s a very beautiful song having a very good meaning… One should listen it at least once…

There is a reason for it to be up here and the reason is that it’s awesome… Just makes everything go awe… My next favorite song would be “Numb” but this is the one I have listened to since it came out and will always be my favorite.  I love Linkin Park so much .

This song is old but cool. I don’t like very much the  CD “A Thousand Suns” from Linkin Park. Hybrid Theory is very much better.

But ” In the end ” is the best. It is  on the top of my list !










If you hate on this powerful song, you die.


The sound of the song is not exactly what you’d call pristine, but then again that’s not what the genre calls for. The entire song is really crushed and as a result, exhibits a fair amount of distortion.

You can hear the compression on the melody vocal in places, but the sound works in context. It has a rather long  reverb on it but it blends in with the track so you hardly ever hear it.
The bass is very much buried in the mix behind the drums. I heard a nice bass fill in the 3rd verse.



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