we are still in Murree, thanks to my colleagues  as this hill station is full of eye soothing wonders of nature.

The area is covered with pine and oak filled mountains. There are many springs and rivulets also which adds up more beauty. You can even view snowy peaks of Kashmir and sometimes, viewing the crest of Nanga Parbat is also possible.

You can reach Murree from either Islamabad or Rawalpindi via rental cars which are easily available. Most of the hotels are located in Mall Road area where accommodation is available on reasonable rates during off-seasons. But during summer and winter, empty rooms are hard to find and hotels will charge you more if they have one.

A large number of people, especially from the urban areas of Punjab and Karachi, travelled to Murree and its adjoining areas to enjoy the snowfall. Every season has its own charm and enjoying them up on a hill station like Murree is so amazing. Here is a breakdown of all 4 seasons in Murree:

Hundreds of tourists from different parts of the country visited Murree to enjoy the beautiful snowy hills. The resorts including Bhurban, New Murree, Kashmir Point, Pindi Point, Mall Road and Ayubia were packed with tourists. Galyaat, Hazara and Bhurbhan received more snow as compared to Murree city. All restaurants were packed with tourists.



The lowest temperatures were recorded in  Skardu -10°C,  Rawalakot -8°C,  Quetta -6°C, Malam Jabba, Murree -5°C, Abbottabad -4°C

No doubt …… Murree is one of the best places to visit in Pakistan .


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