Mann Mayal

EP : 1

Manahil is anxious for her exam result and visits her best friend Rabiya “Beya” to pay respects on Hazrat Shah Molana Muhammad Ruknuddin Naqshbandi tomb for her results. Rabiyas brother Salah-ul-din who also tutor her, takes them to tomb. Rabiya passes the exam with ace grades, but Manahil fears to check her results. Salah-ul-Din ask Rabiya to check Manahil’s results but she found out that she fails, meanwhile Manahil came to Rabiyas home to check her results only to found out that she has failed. Saddened by her results she furiously runs to home and lock herself. Her father consoles her and told her that he will ask Salah-ul-Din for tution to which she denies saying “he is strict.” Later, Salah-ul-Din reluctantly agrees to teach Mannu despite his hectic schedule. Unbeknownst to Manahil a proposal came for her which she thinks is for her aunt’s daughter Sarah and went to Rabiya’s home asking her for a sweet dish. She gave her homework to Salah-ul-din, where he scolds her for doing the questions wrong.

EP: 2

Manahil gets angry to know, that proposal came for her and fights with Salah-ul-Din for not telling her. Rabiya confront Salah-ul-Din that he “loves” Manahil to which he responds that they will never accept this relation due to their social class difference. Manahil parents refuse the Mikaeel’s proposal. Salah-ul-Din tries to make Manahil understand that due to their social difference he cannot marry her and her parents will not accept their relation. Rabiya ask Salah-ul-Din to ask their parents for this proposal before anyone else gets to know about them. Unknown to Sarah, she teases Manahil about Salah-ul-Din for not calling him “Bhai“. Later, Salah-ul-Din told his mother about Manahil and him, and ask her for their proposal, stunned to this confession she reluctantly agrees. Sarah confronts Manahil and warns her that their family will never accept her relation with Salah-ul-Din. Meanwhile, Salah-ul-Din father ask him to stop tutoring Manahil.

EP : 3

Salah-ul-Din father’s rejects the proposal and tells him that this is their infancy. Manahil parents finds out about them and whole family dispute over whether Salah-ul-Din is worthy of Manahil or not. Later, Manahil’s father Javed and her uncle Ameen reluctantly agrees despite their reservations over Salah-ul-Din. However, Manahil’s aunt Saliha and her mother persistently rejects this proposal as they don’t think Salah-ul-Din would make a suitable life partner. Salah-ul-Din reassures his parents that Manahils will be happy with him and they went to Manahil’s house. Upon reaching their they find everyone standing at the doorsills and without saying Sala-ul-Din and his parents returns as his father understands that her father wants to reject the proposal but couldn’t due to their friendship. Devastated with the situation Manahil runs for Salah-ul-Din but her father stops her and tells her that she can go and “if they accept her”, he will agree to this proposal, albeit to which he knew that they will not accept her.

Ep: 4

Manahil comes back to her house after facing rejection from Salah-ul-Din’s house and tells her father that she will never forgive Salaha-ul-Din for not accepting her. Manahil’s father accept Mikaeel’s proposal, while Salah-ul-Din received a job letter from Karachi. Manahil agree to marry Mikaeel in exchange for Sarah to be sent home to her husband. Manahil ask Mikaeel for Salah-ul-Din consent for their marriage, and they went to his home. Heavy hearted he ask Mikaeel to take care of her. Later, Mikaeel ask her mother to refuse this proposal. Manahil’s father meets Salah-ul-Din and tell him that he is “best” choice for Manahil but he want’s better for her daughter and ask him to meet Mikaeel to inquire about him and his character.

Ep: 5

Salah-ul-Din meets Mikaeel and both share their thoughts over Manahil. After Mikaeel’s approval marriage, preparations of marriage begans. While Salah-ul-Din calls Manahil one last time before going to Karachi, where she express her love for him and he ask her to meet and she secretly escapes. Salah-ul-Din tries to make her understand that this marriage will bring good to her and both reconcile their memories. Manahil disappearance cause panic in the house where Javed calls Salah-ul-Din parents and accused them for this act. Stunned to the situation, Shahid gets to know that both are together and ask them to get home. Upon reaching Manahil reveals that it was her idea to meet “one last” time before marriage and defend Salah-ul-Din. Manahil father ask Salah-ul-Din to never come back.


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