Mere Meherbaan

The story starts with Muskan whose soon to be engaged with Danish. Muskan(Neelam Muneer) is a rich brat who has no manners, no respect. Her mother Shaista(Rabia Noreen) loves her while her sister Iraj (Sanam Choudhary) is jealous of her. Her brother Zeeshan (Agha Ali) loves her but hates her attitude. The mother and the daughters hate their father’s brother Baseer and his family. His family consists of him, his wife Nayyara(Ismat Zaidi) and three daughters Fala(Madiha Rizvi), Haya(Ayeza Khan) and Fariya(Minal Khan). They all are well-mannered but middle class as compared to Shaista. Shaista always insults Nayyara and treats her daughters as servants. Muskaan goes to her aunt Nayyara’s house where she asks Fala to do her Pedicure and Manicure as Fala had done many parlour courses but says not to even do anything to her face as she will do from some another place and tells to wear good clothes during engagement. The family has a cloth sewing business while Haya goes to office. Zeeshan always offer a drop but she rejects. Shaista comes to Nayyara’s house and insults her by giving a cloth and tell to sew and wear this during Muskan’s engagement. She always treats Nayyara’s family as her shoe. Muskaan’s father Nasir comes from Dubai with lots of things for her daughters and wife but Zeeshan is fine with it. Iraj likes a bottle of perfume because of which Muskaan is jealous and they start fighting like cats resulting in breaking of perfume bottle. But their mother Shaista is busy looking in things. Love is the only emotion between Nayyara’s daughters while Iraj and Muskaan are always fighting like cats. Nasir goes to Nayyara’s house and it is later revealed that he used to love Nayyara in his young time. It was Shaista who had come between them.Nayyara used to like Nasir but Nayyara respects him now. He gives some money to her daughters out of love and Iraj sees this. The next day during the engagement Iraj starts insulting Nayyara’s daughters. Danish’s aunt Naima(Seemi Pasha) visits Fala and starts liking her. She is interrupted by Shaista and she says for a family photo. Naima tells Fala to come but Shaista insults Fala. Afterwards, Shaista calls Haya and Fala for work and gives them spoilt rotis for breakfast.The next day Iraj is talking loudly in her phone in Muskaan’s room. Muskaan’s phone also rings. It was Danish’s phone. Because of Iraj’s voice, Muskaan cuts the phone and then later Iraj climbs on Muskaan and they start fighting. Their father comes. Meanwhile Danish comes to meet Muskaan and so Shaista calls Fala as a servant. Danish meets Fala and asks her for her reply of Ayaan’s proposal. But Shaista says that her mother has rejected Ayaan’s proposal. The next day Naima goes to Nayyara’s house. Nayyara accepts her proposal of Ayaan for Fala. Zeeshan expresses her feelings for Haya towards Nasir. Nasir is very happy. Nasir says this to Baseer. Baseer is very excited. But Nayyara is not so happy because she thinks Haya will be sad at that home but later agrees. But Shaista refuses to do this. She hates Haya and says that she will be never ever my daughter-in-law. She thinks that Nayyara is taking revenge from Shaista of yesterday’s fight which had happened between them during their young days over Nasir. But Nasir doesn’t agree to Shaista and he is happy with Haya’s and Zeeshan’s marriage. Later two engagements take place simultaneously. One is of Haya and Zeeshan and the other is of Fala and Ayaan. Iraj, Muskaan and Shaista are unhappy. Danish and his family visits Muskaan to decide the date of marriage. There Muskaan says to Danish that neither she is going to work nor wear suits. She will wear only modern clothes. Now Muskaan, Fala and Haya are married. Muskaan has a sweet mother-in-law but she hates her. Haya’s mother-in-law is not at all kind towards her. Fala’s mother-in-law and husband Ayaan are kind towards her but had hide from her that Ayaan has a son Sulaiman. Fala is shocked but she accepts it. Now all of a sudden, Iraj runs from the house to marry her love Shehryar. She takes all the jewellery for him. Now the blame for jewellery goes on Haya and Shaista creates a ruckus. She throws her out of the house. Zeeshan does not even utter a word. He is remarried to Safina by her mother. Meanwhile, Muskaan is showing her true colours in her in-laws house. She does not listen to Danish and once when her mother-in-law wants to go for a Get Together party, she makes her fun by saying that you are so old still you want to party. She insults her mother-in-law. Fala and Ayaan are happy with each other. But Sulaiman’s mother and Ayaan’s ex-wife Mariya comes to meet Sulaiman. Naima puts forth a condition that if she wants to meet her son, she has to take him forever. Ayaan and Fala are against it but they have to accept it. Shehryar betrays Iraj and leaves her. Iraj comes back and says the truth about jewellery. Nasir gets a heart attack and dies. His last wish is that Haya should be the daughter-in-law of the house. Iraj comes to know the reality of life although her behaviour has not changed much. Muskaan goes in a complete shock when she comes to know that her husband has remarried some another lady. She comes to her house. Iraj starts liking Wahaj and marries him but her behaviour is not so good. She also comes to her house. Shaista and Safina have become enemies and Safina leaves Zeeshan. Now Shaista’s and her children’s life has become a living hell. Haya is going to be remarried to her cousin. Zeeshan asks for forgiveness and reacceptance but Haya refuses. Hopes start rising for Iraj when Wahaj comes to takes her back. She goes with him. Meanwhile Shaista goes with Muskaan and Zeeshan in Nayyara’s house to talk about Haya. She sees that Haya’s rishta is fixed. Shaista is in a complete shock. Muskaan’s mother-in-law comes to take her but she insults her by saying that she’s doing a Melodrama and tamasha. She calls Danish and says I will come only if you leave your second wife and come to pick her up. He refuses. So, in anger she asks for Divorce. He gives her Divorce Papers. She is shocked. Fala and Ayaan are living happily. Zeeshan leaves the house. Shaista goes in a deeper shock. Now Nayyara invites Muskaan and Shaista to come for Haya’s marriage. They come. The show ends with Shaista hugging Haya and Shaista remembers how she had told Nasir that she won’t make Haya Zeeshan’s wife. Shaista feels guilty.


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