Sehra main safar

Episode 2

Ayaz says to his mother for his love and marriage to Iqra. His mother says positive. In other side, Shagufta comes in Iqra’s home for her marriage to her brother. Iqra first says negative. Ayaz calls Iqra as his mother tell him about Iqra’s marriage to her neighbour. Iqra says that it is my parents’ wish, as they will wish I will do that. Fauzia comes in Iqra’s home to tell them about marriage of Iqra and Ayaz.Her father first refuses for this proposal but then successfully accepts. Her father makes money online and puts his money in bank. The thieves steal the money which results in Farooq’s heart attack and thus they go to hospital.

Episode 3

Ayaz helps Farooq in hospital. Farooq recovers but still has stroke. Farooq needs that someone pushes his leg or arm because he has previously suffered heart attack. Aliya does this. Farooq expresses the wish that Iqra must be married to my nephew Ayaz. Aliya tells this to Iqra and she agrees because it’s her parents’ wish. Fouzia also tell Ayaz about his marriage to Iqra but he refuses as she has already a proposal of Shagufta’s brother. More…

Episode 4

The episode starts with Fauzia expresses wish to visit Iqra’s home and Iqra making chicken of Potato. Aliya denies her that it will be a fast food for her (Iqra)’s paternal aunt. Fauzia calls Farooq, who is already surviving stroke and says him that Iqra must get a job in order to marry Ayaz. Farooq weeps but accepts. Aliya says about who called him ? He says that Fauzia and expresses his wish that Iqra must do a job in order to marry Ayaz. Aliya says what will she do? He says that his daughter will do much to achieve success. Aliya goes to Farooq who is not slept yet. Iqra comes and says that she will do much to achieve success. Farooq says that he knows that she will do much. Ayaz eats dinner with his mother. Her mother says him that his refusing amused her. He said that she wants to marry a rich man and i am not a rich man. Shagufta calls Aliya instead of Iqra. Aliya says Iqra that she wants Iqra to be in her home. Iqra goes on Shagufta’s home, Shagufta lies on bed. Iqra asks about her condition, she says fine. Iqra tells about her job and says that she will not marry for a while. Aasma annoys her mother that she wants Rupees for her farewell party. She says that she must refuse because of her father’s condition. Iqra comes and explains her that it is not good as her father is ill. She says that she is lucky as she is only in home and never goes anywhere. Iqra gives her but she refuses and says this is very short money and it’s better to not go anywhere. In night, Iqra calls Aasma that she will do much to achieve success. Aasma says that she will give tution to others in order to become rich. Iqra says it’s a great planning. She goes office tomorrow after greeting her father.

Episode 5

The episode starts with Iqra who is in office and meets Sonia. Iqra forgot to take Lunch with her and eats Sonia’s lunch with her permission. Aliya says that without Iqra this home is silent and also forgots to make and eat a lunch because she thought that Iqra is there because she always made lunch for all. Iqra comes to home, greets all and says that today’s was was successful. The next day, Aliya gives her lunch and she goes in Van. A man touches her but she tries to give distance to him. He goes away. She goes in office. This time a man says that this is not a rule of doing office works. Iqra becomes sad for a long time. Sonia tries to console but she can’t. There she meets with Asif and his girlfriend. Asif always greets Iqra on a new day. When she returns, there she waits of van but it can’t comes. A same man comes to take her but she refuses. Ayaz comes and takes her to her home. Ayaz talks Iqra about her marriage but she says that she has got job and she will work in that and she will not marry until her father recovers. She comes in home. Aliya asks about why she is late she says that Ayaz gone today to take off her.

Episode 6

The episode starts with Aliya saying to Iqra that why she had come with Ayaz in bike. Iqra said her mother to forgive her, Aliya accepted. Ayaz comes to home bit his mother ignored to talk with him. He said her to forgive him as she is angry on his thing which he told her in morning. Fouzia forgiven. Aliya comes and tells Farooq all things Iqra done. Farooq says that Iqra is a meature girl and she will understand. Aasma comes and says that “why are you feeling irritated” She says to Iqra. And she own replies that Ayaz today dropped you? Iqra said yes, she said that’s good. Iqra said her that she (Iqra) is tired and make her clothes iron. Nabeel said to Iqra that why she don’t given time to him and given to Ayaz. Nabeel says that this cousin’s relation is good that whenever she make others her cousin. Shazia says that “why you are taking this thing on your heart, there work is to talk to women”. Sir called Iqra and said that “Nabeel doesn’t does good thing that’s why ignore him”. And says that “She (Iqra) is very good worker and says that she work little hard.” Iqra becomes happy. Iqra waits for Bus, Ayaz comes and says that he drop her in to home. Iqra ignored and said that she will not go with him. Ayaz asks reason, she says that Bus has come, she will go. Ayaz said to Fouzia that he wants to marry Iqra. Fouzia says “Are you mad? You denied to marry and now you accepted”. Fouzia says that you don’t do fasting, i will do. Show took 1-Month leap. Shazia says Iqra to go with her to do shoppong. She bought many things and clothes. Aliya opens door and says that where were you? Iqra says that why you start asking things. Iqra goes to her father and says that she has bought many things. Aliya says that why she done this? She bought a jacket for her father. She gives 27,000 to her mother as her salary. Aliya says that she will use this money good. Iqra says to Farooq that Do you do exercise. Farooq says that yes. Aasma comes and says that what she bought for her (Aasma). She says nothing but she will give 500 rupees. Aliya says that why she gone to shopping. She says that it was Shazia’s wish. Aliya says that why she gave Aasma 500 rupees. Aasma, in laugh voice, snatched that. Aliya calculates bill and says to Farooq that Iqra didn’t spend money because how food and other things be done. Aliya and Farooq say that Iqra is good girl. Asif says to sir that payment has been done. Sir calls Iqra, says her that she is well worker and she can be a good woman. Sir says that payment has been increased by 5000 of your monthly salary. Shazia says that why she uses her money in home, she says it will be good for her parents. Fouzia goes to Farooq’s home. Aliya comes in the room and says him that she will use this money on right things. Farooq says that medicines also. She says that she willm Iqra prepares for College. Aliya says Iqra many things to buy. Iqra comes with Shazia and says her to buy shoes. She ignored to buy. She buys. Fouzia comes to Farooq’s home and says that she has come to marry Ayaz to Iqra. He ignores. She says that not fastly we will marry but many years later. Farooq accepts but Aliya upsets. Farooq says that it is my order that now Iqra will now only marry with Ayaz. Iqra calls Aliya qnd says that she has bought as you said as well as her shoe. She said that it is more old and becomes angry. Iqra also becomes angry.

Episode 7

The episode starts with Iqra thinking of works which she done before office (i.e greeting Farooq, Farooq says that Iqra will do anything). Aasma calls her and says her to give her dress. Iqra says Aasma to go out for 1 minute. Aasma comes to Aliya, says her that her aapi has done bad deed with her. Aliya says she comes from office tha’s why she has a tension, so you don’t say me. Iqra sleeps. Aliya comes and kisses her and puts blanket on her. Farooq says what happened? Aliya said “I think Iqra has tension today, she has done bad deed.” And says that “She has bought Shoes that’s why i gave her that this’s not good. Farooq says “She is an office worker, she will biy anything on het choice, you don’t say her anything.” Fouzia maintains hairs. Ayaz comes and says that are you fine? He gives her water. Fouzia says that Iqra will accept this marriage and Farooq and Aliya has also. You don’t do anything. Aliya calls Iqra but Iqra is at office. She says that what will happen, she will ne tired. Iqra comes and says Kazmi Iqra says Shazia that the shoes which we bought yesterday were not liked by Aliya. Shazia says that not problem and says that why you told that you have got bonus of 5,000. Iqra says that her brain is bad. Shazia says her to ready for her bonus. Iqra says her that it’s good. Any other woman says her that another man has got job instead of Nabeel. Iqra comes office and greets counter. Shehreyar comes and likes Iqra. After his coming, all girls see Shehreyar and say them handsome. Nida says peon that what his name. Peon said “Shehreyar Ahmed”. Sir called Shehreyar and said that he always do good works. He is the son of a factory manager and works for his own benefit. Nida says Kareem (Peon) to ask him what they (Shehreyar and Sir) are talking. He said all things. She said to Iqra if she liked him but Iqra refused. Sir called Iqra and said him that she is a good worker and bonus has given to your account. Sir called Shehreyar, said him that Iqra is a good worker, you also should bem Iqra comes to counter and says him to have bonus. Iqra became happy as she took. Iqra says that she will give this money to her guardians. Iqra says that she will don’t tell lie she will give this to her guardian. Shazia says that there is also right of your to spend in various conditions. Iqra refused. Iqra comes to home, gives 42,000 to Aliya and says she to renovate home. Farooq said that she must save for herself. Iqra refused to do. Aasma had to buy 2 suits. Aliya refused but Aliya accepted. Iqra works in computer. Shehreyar says Iqra that if she can e-mail. Iqra refused. Shehreyar says that he has listened that Iqra will do. Iqra finally accepted. Nida says Iqra and says what Shehreyar said. She said it was work of e-mail. Nida said Shehreyar and gave him e-mail attachment and said to always say her to give attachment. Iqra comes home and says that why she broke up some cups. She said why is it happening and she said that she will not take tea and said that to broke up remaining cups. Aliya says Farooq that Iqra was a good woman and now she had said that don’t waste money on unuseful works. Iqra called Aliya and said that she is shameful for her deed. She said that if she will not forgive, she will not be able to sleep. Aasma wakes up and Shagufta comes and says that she had come after long days. She says that she had come today to take proposal of Aasma because her brother don’t like office women.


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