Hameeda Katoon


What is your name?
“Hameeda Katoon”
Are you Married?
Yes I’m married. I have four children; all they are studying.
Your Husband is in Job?
Yes, He is working in “AQSA FACTORY”. He is very supportive Alhamdulillah!
Since how many years, you are working here in IIUI?
I am supervising the Bakery of international café IIUI female campus since two years.
What is your salary?
They are paying me 10,000 (But no allowances)
your job timings?
My timings are from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm
Share your working experience please?
I am having diversified experiences here. At one extreme I see girls doing & behaving too well But on the other hand quite contrary to that extreme I see girls stealing eating stuff .This is really awful because we all are Muslims & Islam forbid us to do all these deeds.
What are your feelings about your job?
I feel pride & feel satisfaction although I am earning fewer amounts but I’m happy because whatever I am earning it is from “HALAL Source”.
Anything you want to say via this platform?
I just wanted to say that “Hardworking is the key to success”. If you are loyal & sincere with your work; ALLAH will definitel



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