Emotional Touching Story of a 10 Years old girl

“Everytime I hear this story I fall in to tears, it makes me remember how grateful i am to the almighty God”
A story of a ten year old girl called Bara’a, Bara’a is a 10 year old girl from Egypt who belonged to a small, happy religious family. Both of her parents were doctors and had moved to Saudi Arabia for better opportunities.
Bara’a is a very intelligent young girl, at this young age she memorized the entire Quran along with its proper rules (Tajweed).
One day her mother felt a lot of pain an after some medical tests doctors said she had a deadly form of cancer. Then her mother began to think about her young girls future and how she can tell Bara’a of the shocking news. How she would wake up one day without her mother besides her. Afterwards her mother decided to tell her daughter and said: ”Mommy will soon be going to heaven, ahead of you, sweet heart” she told her that she should continue reciting the glorious Quran everyday which would protect her and keep her safe in this life. At this time Bara’a could not fully understand what her mum was saying….Soon after, she began to recognize the gravity of the matter when her mother’s health got worse and she was admitted to the hospital.
Then Bara’a began going to visit her mother at the hospital every day after school and recite the glorious Quran next to her mother’s bed until late in the afternoon. She kept doing that until her father would come from work to pick her up.
One morning the hospital called the house and asked Bara’a’s father to come to the hospital immediately for his wife’s health has gone worse and she was near death.
The father immediately took his daughter Bara’a and left for the hospital, but he did not inform his daughter what was going on with her mother.
When they arrived at the hospital he thought to himself that he should leave his daughter in the car so that she would not be shocked of whatever is waiting to happen to her mother. Therefore he asked his daughter to stay in the car while he goes to hospital and he assured her he would be back in a few minutes.
He stepped out of the car with his eyes filled with tears. As he was walking away from his car Bara’a was watching him crossing then another tragedy happens..
He was hit by an incoming bus and was died immediately in front of his daughter. She ran out of the car threw herself at her father’s dead body.
Bara’a’s tragic events don’t end here! The hospital staff did not tell Bara’a’s sick mother, who was fighting for her life at the hospital,



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