Feeling , Emotions and Travel

travel-is-the-best-teacher (1)

When I was a kid I have been  traveling … Even though when I was  child , I didn’t really pay attention to the little details that we tend to notice more as adults, I loved meeting people who spoke languages that I didn’t understand or ate food that I had never heard of. I loved looking at different skylines, spending time at local markets, learning new languages, and making new friends.

Traveling has taught me a lot of different lessons about life and people. I’m going to talk about the ones that consistently stick with me no matter where I go or what I do.


Everyone similar

Some people shake hands, some kiss cheeks, some hug; they all want to greet you. Some people pray at churches, some at mosques, some at synagogues, some at temples and some don’t pray at all; they all believe in something and they all are capable of loving you and being loved by you, regardless of what you believe in. It does not matter how one chooses to express their emotions or feelings



Petite things in life makes cheerfull

Traveling has opened my eyes to things that people would normally consider ordinary. It has made me realize that when we call these things ordinary, we are actually undervaluing things that have great significance. It is actually the little things in life that make it all worth it, whether it is a stranger smiling at you or a dear friend hugging you. Whether it is clean bed sheets, your favorite song playing on the radio, or even the smell of rain, they all leave a long lasting impact on our souls whether we notice it or not.0add706bdab15e82abcb22811bd95c01


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