I have participated 2nd time in the event of  NUST University Isb  ,  the topic was about  “Infernometry – From Nothing to Black Hole” . It was very interesting event . transparentThe last event was Rubic cube competition , but I couldn’t attended .transparenttransparent

The discovery of gravitational waves has sent ripples through the scientific community. This discovery owes a lot of credit to an ingenious machine called the laser interferometer.

This marvel of technological prowess : topic of discussion of the first series of NSS Tech Talk’ 16. “Infernometry – From Nothing to Black Hole”.


Dr. Muhammad Sabeih Anwar



The NUST Science Society invited Dr. Muhammad Sabeih Anwar who  illuminate us on how the remarkable phenomenon of inference has enriched numerous fields of Physics and how it has the potential to unlock countless doors for scientific discovery.


Dr. Sabieh is currently the Head of the Physics Department at the prestigious Lahore University of Management Sciences. He completed his D.Phil. from the Department of Physics, Oxford University, where he studied as a Rhodes Scholar from Pakistan and has post-doctoral experience from the University of California Berkley.AAEAAQAAAAAAAAP8AAAAJGQzNzYwZTNhLTdkOWUtNDdkMC05MWIwLTg2MWIwODY4Yjg2ZQ

He is the Joint Secretary and one of the founding members of the Khwarizmi Society and strives to harness the passion for science in educational institutions.

H 12 campus NUST,Islamabad

Monday 9 May 2016, timing 15:00 17:00

Organized by : NUST Science Society


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