Programming Might Not Be That Hard


If you think that coding has been overwhelmingly hard to understand, then you might have a minimum chance to discover the essence of programming. On the other hand, no matter how you felt coding as difficult task to accomplish, but end up finishing it, programming might not be as hard as you think. In fact, coding is a part of a long process taken in a single programming project.

Besides coding, programming involves requirement analysis, specification, software architecture, coding, debugging, integration, maintenance, and software testing. Those steps are what you basically need to proceed one by one as you are creating a computer software. So, in very simple words, programming urges you design, build, and evaluate a computer software, as if you are constructing a house which is able to occupy the inhabitants’ various activities.

However, many people do not find those general points as programming’s challenges. The implementation is obviously what they bother, particularly about writing programming languages.

You should have understood that computers do not ‘speak’ the same language as what we use. What is written on a particularly computer software’s interface is our language, human’s languages, since the software is made for us to understand its instructions. Yet, the software itself does not receive the terms as its language, but rather as a constructed command which has been ‘translated’ into human languages.


Fortunately, today, more people use the kind of programming language which is easier to be used. The language is named ‘high-level language’. Its characteristics, compared to ‘low-level language’ are depended on natural language or mathematical notation which are basically more easily to be understood by people in general.

Because of that language, programmers today, find it easier to design computer software. In addition, because of that language too, we do not actually need to worry about different alphabet, grammar or syntax that we find in high-level language. By using certain programming language, programmers would majorly need to use alphabets, grammar or syntax that they use in English. So, if you think it is hard, you might just have not get used to it.

Consequently, it does not take years to master programming skill. If you can get those mentioned basic points about programming alongside its language use, then it would not take you so long to complete the learning by implementing your lesson. Therefore, it is somewhat logical for one to build her/his own computer software after taking the course not more than a couple of months.


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