I’m Ahsan  , programmers know me as Daniel also , a professional web designer and programmer. My programming focus is on WordPress and C, C++ programming.


i am also an established Bloggers and websites . My main focus in life is writing and enhance my skill . I have been a designer for the last 4 years and have been designing websites. Started my programming life from last 3 years .I am concentrating on all things asp.net related at this time. I find that asp.net scalability and MVC make for the best to create the most dynamic and professional web sites. My expertise in Photoshop, flash Illustrator , and other graphics tools

“The aim of my life is too be a speed programmer.”

Specializes in providing relevant content for websites , providing a specific target audience and requires a different type and level of content.  Continuously monitor online public relations.

After discovering my writing skills and experience, working for freelance website +Graphics  ,  Personal blogs .

Once I make a commitment to any kind of task, i cannot put my feet up until I achieve my goals.
I believe in dedication and honesty .


 Diploma in Information Technology                                                                (2011)
 Diploma in Website Development                                                                     (2011)
Intermediate (I Com)                                                                                             (2010)
Secondary School (Science)                                                                                 (2008)


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