End of the day

The end of a program is always bitter sweet. You realize how much has been learned and accomplished in such a short space of time, but it also means leaving all the amazing people you have lived with for the past two , three days and returning home. Leaving day is such a blur of last minute packing and rushed good byes that before you even realize what has happened, the place is  now empty once again . However, the memories that have been created will last forever.  [DICE 2015]


I feel it is safe to say, from myself and the whole friends , teams , that this program has been filled with a lot of laughter, strong friendships have been made and countless challenges have been overcome. Thank you once again  to everyone one for joined me in   different events for contributing to such an amazing these days . Thank you for your enthusiasm, your hard work and your excitement which never failed to show . You all now have an extraordinary amount of knowledge not just about books , but about working and living with other people, and I hope this carries you far and wide for many more functions , events to come and in your life  . This blog is specially for the team of business plain , those who presented in PAK-CHINA recently , excellent team work  . i have also attended this business event. It was too good     [Social Sciences Expo-2016]